Vital Steps Comprised in PSD to Joomla Template Conversion

Joomla, one of the most influential open source content management systems comprise broad range for tailoring to best meet client’s business requirements. As open source software, Joomla also brags some of the most wide ranging and robust extension libraries available. The diversity offered by the platform added with the suppleness makes it an ideal platform for delivering top quality contents. Converting a PSD web layout to Joomla is one of a trendy ways to ensure top quality content delivered with finest quality graphics.

PSD to Joomla Cconversion

CSS Player delivers a comprehensive Joomla customization services for the existing Joomla components, need some modification or additional plug-ins. They stand out in giving Joomla customization, custom Joomla component development and adaptation services.

The steps involved in creating a PSD to Joomla include:

PSD Layout Creation:

The first step involved in converting your PSD file to Joomla commence with a wonderful PSD layout. The experienced designers make it easy with Photoshop. Many of them also go for free template but also make use of some photoshop skills to complete the first step in converting your PSD to Joomla.

Slicing The PSD:

Slice the PSD file into many layers including header, footer, content or navigation part. The expert developer ensures the slicing is done neatly and without creating any duplicity in the images, logo and the buttons.

HTML Designing To Include Graphic Elements:

As soon as your graphical elements are ready, it’s the right time to add vital graphics to the website using HTML. However, it’s vital that your designer and developer have enough understanding of HTML because creating the HTML includes creating the logo and creating the menu structure for the new Joomla template. With HTML, the expert can easily specify the layout of the page which further needs to include columns and other similar elements.

CSS Coding Of The Template:

After finalizing the layout using the HTML template, the experts build the style sheet to best apply to the HTML and the website in general. It’s the style sheet which determines heading formats, font formats, hyperlink formats and more. The CSS file is saved and later on coded to include graphic elements like sliders, menu lists and other design elements which truly take clients website to the next level.

Joomla Integration:

For Joomla integration and modules setup and customization, the expert need to create a relevant folder and directories required for your website. They create a template_thumbnail.png for displaying template image in admin panel and a template_details.xml file that Joomla easily read to install a template.

With handpicked proficient team of designers and developers, CSS Player deal with open source PSD to Joomla based applications. Holding proficiency in PSD to Joomla conversion, the company provides their clients owning a site with Joomla added with many Joomla development services.