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At CSSPlayer, we confirm to assure you that there will be no disclosure of the agreement to any unauthorized access made on the website. The confidentiality of the matter is quite important and we at CSSPlayer are trying to actualize this responsibility with no misuse or damage to the frontier end. The information between one given parties is not supposed to move out for someone else.


Intellectual property

CSSPlayer, hereby declare that all the content and material irrespective of being in audio, video and written format placed in the website solely belong to CSSPlayer and it has reserved all the intellectual rights for the same. These include the video clippings, illustrations, website design layout, trademarks, logo, reviews and other information that do have sole ownership by CSSPlayer. None of the users or visitors of our website are not wished to temper with the information or use the same in their own platforms or channels. The logo and other brand performances of CSSPlayer cannot be played with by anyone for some kind of commercial or non-commercial purpose.

Reframing the Use conditions

CSSPlayer reserves the rights to formulate or revise the ‘Terms & Conditions of Use’ and all necessary information published in the website. The changes may be done without any prior notification to the visitors or customers. CSSPlayer has every right to rename the website URL or post new pricing and other related polices without any prior acknowledgment.

Restrictions for posting

Any visitor is not allowed to post any remarks or posts that initiate any kind of unlawful activities on the site. Any sort of obscene acts carried on the same website will carry you forward for lawful events and will considered as misconduct on the visitor’s part.


Consider the below mentioned terms for any kind of purchase to be made on CSSPlayer.

Estimated time for delivery
  • The orders for the primary page is done in 8 to 24 working hours
  • The positioning of each additional page arises a period of extra 3 hours on standard basis which may increase for a not simple one.
  • A discount of 60% is given for each additional page.
  • For an immediate delivery extra charges will be levied.

Development Team for the service

Our support at CSSPlayer is absolutely available 24 X 7 from Monday to Friday - 9:30 AM - 06:30 PM IST (4:00 AM - 1 PM GMT)

Week days order
  • The progress is entirely taken care by the development team and is processed in the data system on the very same day.
  • The necessary credentials are created and you can also track the estimated time of delivery and work. Here you will be in direct touch with our development team through this interface.
  • For more orders or a corporate plan you can get the necessary discounts on the same.

Note: The charges as mentioned by CSSPlayer are levied on the customers as set in the parent website. It is advised to have a copy of mail sent to the sales@CSSPlayer.com with payment details for future reference.


Please abide the payment policies as mentioned in the company website of CSSPlayer.
Before working with us, you are advised to pay the required advance amount, which is 100% advance to have a clear gateway in getting all the final payments done. It eases the way to have an agreement for starting on the final files that need to be done by the parent company as a part of the agreement. Below mentioned are the particular quotes for each category of work assigned and provided form our end.

  • In case, the total value of order is less than 100 US Dollars, then the client is supposed to make a payment of 100% upfront amount in the favour of CSSPlayer.
  • In case, the total value of order is greater than 100 US Dollars but less than 500 US Dollars, then the client is supposed to make a payment of 10% upfront amount in the favour of CSSPlayer.
  • In case, the total value of order is greater than 500 US Dollars, then the client is supposed to make a payment of 50% upfront amount in the favour of CSSPlayer.

Note: All payments of CSSPlayer services are made in U.S. dollars.