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The Privacy Policy (Privacy Statement) owned by CSSPlayer keeps in record the parameters of the company’s owned simplicity and dedication in safeguarding the privacy of the customers on board, visitors and other aspects related to it. At CSSPlayer, we might use the IP address of the visitors who are visiting our website so that the actual order of the problems and servers can be channelized properly. Hence, we will save the personal details of our visitors with respect to contact, etc… so that we can efficiently provide the actual information to our visitors about our company.
Note: CSSPlayer.com will not be held responsible for the display of any of the links shared on the websites. We will not be accountable for the same that includes content in both written and pictorial form.


While the visitor accesses the website, we can easily connect with them via request form, contact us form or order form. We request them to furnish their personal information in order to identify them appropriately. The personal information is collected in context to their name, email address, contact number, address, gender, occupation, date of birth, etc… The information is voluntarily furnished by the visitor which genuinely helps us in communicating efficiently with them and vice versa.
However, CSSPlayer believes in holding the reason how crucial it can be to share the details and so reserves every right to keep the facts confidential without causing any harm to the company’s operation and the customers as well. Moreover, we do not collect or save your information for any commercial motives. We do not update, upload, save or share your credentials with third party companies other than our partners or authentic resources who are directly linked in providing support or assistance for your requests.


While our visitors browse our website, our servers collect particular information with respect to the IP address or domain name of your system to undertake a statistical tracking and analysis pertaining to pages viewed, number of visits, time spent on our website, etc… The objective behind doing so is to implement certain steps that will enhance and accentuate the overall experience of the visitors by providing them superior services. The system comprises of cookies which enables in saving essential details such as operating system, type of browser, time and date on visit made, etc…


CSSPlayer has the sole purpose of collecting the personal details and other requests only to safeguard the section of customer’s rights without causing any hassles for them. The operation is quite simple in order to gather the same and so does the point of maintaining the things properly without any adverse affect on anyone. The purpose of maintaining such data is to enhance the experience of serving them better.


The information that is collected aims firstly for serving the customers with much better hand service and make them feel good about their ties. It is two way helpful communications for both the members and is usually believed to be a good sign in retaining the facts of the services that are wished to be handed to the customers. The gathered information is no way going to be forwarded to any other visitor or service people. In few cases only the information is eligible to be shared to rest:

  • When there is a necessity to materialize the demands of ordered service.
  • Providing better consultation as per your service request

Users/visitors/customers may get frequent messages, emails and subscription mails from the websites on a frequent basis. Visitors can unsubscribe the message on their own requests.


Every time you log into the service of the website you tend to accept the fact that you use CSSPlayer, and agree to the listed policies and practices. There may be change of frequent updates in the policy terms and conditions and so you need to be aware of the same which will not be under any prior notification or information. The information shared with CSSPlayer is kept in safe hands without any tempering at any given time.


In case, the provided information in the privacy statement is not clearly understood at your end then you can clarify it and freely connect with us at the below mentioned address.

Office Suite 4, First floor, Varun Tower,
Sector 20B, Faridabad,
Haryana 121002