The Most Preferred Enterprise Cloud App
Wherever you look these days, technology and the web are making things easier for businesses and corporations to be better organized and more successful. One way that companies can work better together is through enterprise apps that connect people and companies in a more effective way than ever before. If you are a company or business that is searching for software or an online cloud application that can permit you to connect in a secure and effective manner, you may be wondering which web app is the most preferred enterprise cloud application today. While there are a number of web…
admin November 5, 2015
CRM Tool That Drives Accuracy & Productivity
Customer Relationship Management involves a set of tools that create a unique strategy for a company’s relationships and interactions with its customers. Customer relationship management allows a company to grow business by automatically tracking customer interactions. The software will track everything from phone calls to emails to transactions. Customer relationship management generally comes in the form of a software package or a series of improvements to a company’s management style. These improvements generally aid in accuracy and productivity in the sense that they eliminate or automate unnecessary aspects of a company’s workforce or workflow. CRM Services and Programs Some examples…
admin November 5, 2015
Quantifying Social Media
One of the questions often discussed by marketing professionals is how to quantify social media. How do you justify your efforts? To find the answers, I asked 12 professionals from different areas of marketing to weigh in on the relationship between SEO, SM, and SEM. Here’s what they had to say. While the industry continues to question if social media is a Google search ranking factor, it’s hard to argue there isn’t a relationship. For Bing it’s not a question of if, but rather a question of impact. Either way, companies earnestly active on social media tend to create more…
admin October 12, 2015
Mobile Ad-Blocking
AdBlock Browser and iOS 9 Will Change the Face of Mobile Advertising—But Probably Not as Much as You Think Okay class, show of hands—how many of you have ever used a content- or advertisement-blocking browser extension like AdBlock Plus? It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. Now, if this was a real classroom and not a clever visual storytelling tool to open this blog with, then chances are, quite a few of you would have raised your hands, even if your work  involves SEO and you understand that there could be an intrinsic link between blocked ads and low conversions. And…
admin October 10, 2015
Intro to Blab: Participation Guide
Blab is one of the most unique live streaming platforms in the world today. People can participate in a conversation while the live streaming of the shows is going on. What is even more amazing is that those who are watching the show can also take part in the show by jumping in the conversation after the host accepts you.
admin October 10, 2015
Keyword research with SEMrush
If you’re still wondering what should be done in terms of SEO to increase traffic and sales, we suggest you start with keyword research. After all, keyword research and keyword optimization are among the most cost-effective things site owners can do to improve inbound site traffic via search engines. Having reviewed hundreds of websites, we clearly see that the biggest problem in most cases is the fact that due to lack of proper keyword optimization, the content of those websites leaves search engines puzzled as to what exactly they are seeing. Fixing that issue is guaranteed to give your business…
admin October 9, 2015