Work Methodology

We, at CSSPlayer intend to create ripples in the web business through our unique design processes which reflect creativity, innovation and expertise in evolving responsive websites that showcases ability to realize client’s expectations and enhance their business growth. We believe in customizing websites that surpass ordinary designs and generate revenue for organizations.

1. Gaining insight
Our teams meet customers to comprehend their goals and desires in order to get an insight
2. Devising Plans
We devise symmetrical and strategic plans that reflect client’s requirements
3. Developing Designs
Designing gives shape to plans and improvises website appearance, content and responsiveness
4. Integrating Design To Create
It is also called evolutionary stage as it brings these designs into action in the form of responsive
5. Final Testing & Delivery
As the solution is created for utilization, our engineers confirm its successful execution by performing
6. Training and Maintaining
It is a continuous process and we also offer training & maintenance of websites under periodical contracts

Phase I: Gaining Insight

In medicine, Doctors cannot initiate any treatment unless the problem is diagnosed. The same rule applies in web business also; we cannot start the process of website building unless we get an inherent analysis of customer’s requirements. The primary step is to get answers of requisite questions that arise after understanding client’s expectations, which include, knowing their strategic goals, project facts, viewers, challenges involved and repercussions. In order to develop suitable designs, we devise strategies that can result in best outcome and solve the existing problems.

Hence, we perform the following:-

  • SWOT Analysis of existing website
  • Quick assessment of desired goals
  • Detailed review of technical needs
  • Assessing the future needs
  • Developing optimal schedules for website design & creation

Phase II: Devising plans

It is the most essential stage in development process in order to get optimum results. The reason is that it opens the gates of thoughts and knowledge, which helps in accounting miniscule details and evolving productive ideas for execution. It helps in designing site architecture, preparing wireframes, content designing and functional outlines as requisite to proceed for web designing.

Here, we provide the following:-

  • Information Architecture
  • Site Maps & Wireframes

Phase III- Engineering best Designs

The objective of web designs is to give a shape to the structure which is built on content, appearance and responsiveness. We involve our clients in designing processes in order to get a broader as well as clearer picture of their organization, viewers as well as their website needs. The main focus is to create an interactive web design that holds the essence of client’s business and highlights their work positively to their users.

Here, we formulate:-

  • Strategic designs for inherent evaluation
  • Refining existing designs in correct direction
  • Prototypes that reflect interaction & responsiveness

Phase IV: Integrating designs for development

It is time to mould designs to generate effective websites that flaunt life and response. This stage is called ‘Development phase’ and it involves a gamut of steps like application step up, configuration, customization as well as integration. It is an encapsulation of the dedicated efforts made in all the three phases, where client is also involved. In this stage, we focus on implementation and outcomes that needs the use of third party applications as well as technology.

We are engaged in providing:-

  • Creating appearances and responsive websites
  • Building suitable templates and layouts
  • Final construction of web application

Phase V: Testing and Delivery

Quality assurance is inevitably vital in website construction. Testing ensures the working of final product and it involves rigorous test on websites and the related web applications. Positive response of testing allows the safe and complete delivery of websites to the customer.

Here, we ensure:-

  • Working of developed websites
  • Deployment of website
  • Fixation of post-launch bugs
  • Safe delivery to the client

Phase VI: Training & Maintenance

We, at CSSPlayer offer one productive training session to our clients that guides them in the effective use of the content management system. Our technical team is readily available to provide continuous website maintenance support to our clients. We have launched numerous maintenance plans which differ on the basis of number of quarterly hours as allocated to the kind of website.

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